Sent to Our Neighbors and the Nations

Locally and globally, MBC is sent to serve and witness to the most important event in history. If Jesus really died on the cross for sinners like us, and rose from the dead, how could we keep such huge news to ourselves? 

MBC has a long history of sending and supporting missionaries who plant new churches, train new leaders, translate the Bible, and partner with local leaders to show God's love to a hurting world.

The church is EXPLODING all over the globe. Be a part of the adventure of God's plan through MBC.

For the MBC missionary contact information and prayer needs, please contact the church office, (609) 597-7586.

Care Ministry

Helping Those in Need

We can't meet every need. But we'd like to try to help you. Let us know how we can help. Please call our office at (609) 597-7586.

Shepherd's Pantry

This community outreach encourages everyone's participation. If you need a helping hand or a meal, please call. If you would like to prepare a meal or lend a helping hand, please call Maria R. at (609) 597-9150.

Grace Initiatives

MBC supports Grace Initiatives. Their mission is to empower expectant young mothers to prepare for their future and their child’s future by providing shelter, counseling and life skills training; and to provide training for others seeking to provide similar services. Visit their website at: www.graceinitiatives.org.