meet Our Elders

  • Rick Barrett

    In 1973, Debbie and I  became members of Manahawkin Baptist Church. I began serving in the “Boys Brigade” program until 1990. Then I became active in an MBC based band that performed contemporary Christian Music and joined the choir.

    For the past twenty years I have served on the finance committee  and the elder board.  During the past forty-five years of serving at MBC, I would like to believe that God’s love was evident through my actions while serving and enjoying the fellowship with others. As an elder again, my goal would be to serve the MBC family by helping with administration as well as any ministry opportunities that arise as God directs us within our community and beyond.

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  • Ken Kirby

    Ken is a retired pastor and has served as the interim pastor at MBC.  He teaches and leads small groups at MBC.  His experience in preaching, teaching, evangelism, discipleship and leadership are an invaluable asset to the Elder team.

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  • james markey

    The Lord has provided for me in countless ways, most importantly my salvation through Jesus. He instilled in me a desire to serve His church wherever I could be used. I feel God has called me to the position of elder at MBC, and I will use the gifts given by Him as best I can. As long as Christ will use me, I will continue to serve His church and help others to grow in Him and spread His Word.

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  • Paul McFadden

    "I have been a member of MBC since 2005 when Joan and I moved to the area. It is an honor to serve with the other elders on this board. I find it both rewarding and educational  to serve." 

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