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Discipleship Begins at Home Conference


No Cost, pre-registration recommended

September 9 (7:30 pm - 10:30pm) and September 10 (10:30 am - 5:30 pm)


  •       Who is Discipling Your Child?
  •       Does discipling your family come naturally to you?
  •       For most of us, it doesn’t.
  •       How do I teach them to stand firm in their beliefs?
  •       What do I do if they are not interested in Christianity?
  •       How do I start when I feel ill-equipped myself?


For parents and caregivers, the many current world and cultural issues may appear titanic. However, you can diminish the secular worldview through knowing and studying the Word of God and being equipped to teach it to your children.

Designed for parents, caregivers, churches, and teachers, this conference will help guide you with the “where to begin” so you can start to strengthen your children’s faith today and equip them to “sink arguments and ideas” that are raised up against the knowledge of God, with session topics on identity, sexuality, and much more.


Featuring: Jeremy Bannister of Next Generation Ministries, Elizabeth Urbanowicz of Foundation Worldview, Amy Davison and Lindsey Medenwaldt of Mama Bear Apologetics.

Sept. 9.

7:30 – 10:30 PM

7:30 – 8:00 | Welcome & Worship

8:00-8:55 | Session 1- Jeremy Bannister – Called to Be a Trailblazer

9:10-10:05 | Session 2- Elizabeth Urbanowicz – Our Identity in Christ: Shaping Our Children and Our Parenting

10:05-10:30 | QA Session & Closing


Sept. 10

10:30 AM – 5:10 PM

10:30-11:00 | Welcome & Worship

10:55-11:50 | Session 3- Jeremy Bannister – Roadblocks to Growth in Our Older Children

12:05-1:00 | Session 4 – Amy Davison – How Our Identity in Christ Shapes Us as Sexual People

1:00-2:00 | Break for Lunch

2:00-2:40| QA Session

2:40 – 3:35 | Session 5 – Elizabeth Urbanowicz – Teaching Hermeneutics to Our Children

3:45 – 4:40 | Session 6 – Lindsey Medenwaldt – Leaving a Lasting Legacy

4:40-5:00 | Q&A Session

5:00 | Closing


Session Details

Session 1 - Called to Be a Trailblazer | Jeremy Bannister

A trailblazer is someone who forges a path for others to follow, exactly what we are called to do for our children concerning their faith in Christ. In this session, we will look at the attributes of a trailblazer essential for every parent to have to ensure they are not losing sight of the goal of a mature faith in Christ for their children. We will also look at those things that threaten our trailblazing ways onto the meandering but familiar path of mediocrity and compromise.


Session 2 - Our Identity in Christ: Shaping Our Children and Our Parenting | Elizabeth Urbanowicz


Session 3 - Roadblocks to Growth in Our Older Children | Jeremy Bannister

As our children grow, challenges to their faith come from both the outside and inside. Outside forces challenge their faith at every turn through their friends, their entertainment and their education (whether the school system or the internet). Inside this can produce feelings of apathy & doubt toward their faith that can lead to drift or even rebellion. How we guide our children through these feelings and their underlying causes is important for their continued growth in Christ and the equipping they will need to navigate these same feelings as an adult.


Session 4 - How our Identity in Christ Shapes us as Sexual People | Amy Davison

Growing up, most of us remember “the talk.” But were you ever told that how we use our bodies directly reflects what we believe about truth, God, and our identity? One of the biggest culture battles is waging on the field of sexuality. If we want to raise children who can think well, recognize cultural lies, and stand firm in the faith, they have to be discipled to see sex for what it truly is: not an act, but an expression of their entire worldview. In this talk attendees will learn the true purpose of sex, how to navigate tough questions, and equipped with practical discipleship techniques to help children understand who they are in Christ and why His design for their bodies matters.


Session 5 - Teaching Hermeneutics to Our Children | Elizabeth Urbanowicz


Session 6 - Leaving a Legacy | Lindsey Medenwaldt

Legacy is much more than tradition — it’s a biblical mandate. In this session, we’ll look at biblical and current examples to help paint a clear picture of what legacy is (and isn’t). Ultimately, as Christians, we all want to plant seeds, not weeds, and this session will give you the confidence to jump in and make a lasting and eternal impact on those you influence.