meet our missionaries

Casey and valerie ellis- VANUATU, AMBRYM ISLAND


Casey and Valerie Ellis were serving in local church ministry when the Lord presented an opportunity  to shift their focus overseas. A conviction had been growing in their hearts through the influence of pastors and teachers who made clear through the Bible: God's desire for the peoples of the world to know Him and be reconciled to Him through His son, Jesus Christ. When a friend serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the country of Vanuatu reached out to Casey and Valerie to recruit them as teammates--he and Valerie were already being prepared by the Lord to respond. 

Nathan and rachel Didlake- Farmington Hills, MIchigan

send international

Nathan is working with Send International.  He is the Director of People Care and Development.

He is leading the team that cares for over 300 missionaries who are serving with SEND.  He is responsible for trauma care, crisis intervention, debriefing, team development, MK care,

Fundraising, strategic problem solving, intercultural communications and more.

He is based out of their home office in Farmington Hills, MI.


Carol felt the call of God to be involved in missions as a child.  She was involved in her parent's ministry in South Africa and realized that she could also be used by the Lord in such a ministry.  Tom felt burdened by the needs of the world during his studies at Bible College.  He heard a speaker relate how few people were sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the many millions who had never heard of His Good News in parts of Africa and Asia.  Realizing how precious an opportunity he had been given as a teenager to hear of the love of Jesus as a teenager, he committed to share with others who have little chance to hear.

Zach and kate bechtle- YWAM Canary Islands

While we are married serving the Lord in missions now, the Lord led us to missions separately. Zach was out of college and working as a Mechanical Engineer when the Lord challenged him to reexamine his faith. Through reading the Bible, Zach was challenged to take how God revealed Himself through the Bible seriously, His character, desires, and plans, and that required serious changes. After months of praying, he left his job behind and followed where God would lead, to a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS). Kate grew up as a missionary kid In Guatemala, and so missions was a way of life from an early age. But when Kate was 17 she moved back to the USA to work for a few years, and over time came to realize she was living life without purpose. Wanting to draw closer to God she committed to a YWAM DTS. It was at this YWAM DTS in Florida were we met, but also where the Lord touched our hearts for serving full time in missions, and particularly in Spain. During this time we found our purpose and calling in the Lord, to Know God and Make Him Known, and during our outreach to Spain we met the team with which we are serving now in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Lincoln and jenny Fitch

Disciple makers ministry

Lincoln, Jenny and their daughters are part of the Disciple Makers Ministry on college campuses in Pennsylvania.  They are currently working at both Albright College and Kutztown University.  The goal of their ministry is to love college students and to teach them God’s Word.  They are called by God to go to ‘lost’ students and bring them the saving message of Jesus Christ.  They are involved in evangelism, large group meetings and small group Bible studies as well as welcoming students into their home and in caring for their girls.  Lincoln is also doing graduate studies through Reformed Theological Seminary. 

Kyle and leah robinson


Kyle and Leah are involved in Handi*Vangelism.  Handi*Vangelism Ministries International focuses on sharing Christ’s love with those who are facing life’s challenges and to teach other to do the same.  They are involved in support groups, Bible Clubs and camping/retreat programs.  This April Kyle was appointed the Director of the Ministry.  They have recently purchased property in Ephrata, Pa. with the goal of building a camping and administrative facility.  Kyle and Leah are both involved in the ministry as well as their own family.

Bob kerr

texas border of mexico- in faith ministries

Bob is actively ministering in both Rio Grande Bible College and Bibleville Conference Ground under the ministry of the College.  He continues to teach at the College which is for Spanish speaking students.  He is active in leading Bible Studies and preaching at the Bibleville Conference Center which is for retirees.  Bob retired from Latin American ministry with New Tribes Mission 25 years ago and continues to serve the Lord.

Chris and ashlyn B.

Chris is living and ministering in an undisclosed country through developing friendships and teaching English.

(Picture disclosed for the safety of our missionaries)

Marvin and vielka cabrera

missions door

Marvin and Vielka Cabrera are serving with Missions Door. Jesus inspired and Holy Spirit led, they minister to indigenous people near the boarders of Costa Rica and Panama through gifts of Pastoring, Church Planting and Leadership Development.

Cal and Paige StacK

Immanuel Church

Cal and Paige Stack are currently serving on a churchplanting team in Weymouth, MA where only 2% of the population are Evangelical Christians. They believe that the Lord has called them to this ministry because they were both saved from unbelieving homes. The Lord has given them the desire to disciple new believers in their walk with the Lord. They have a heart for the Lord, His Word, His Church and the lost. Cal and Paige have one daughter.